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About Jay Horne and his Passion for Ninja International ...

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Ninja International is a unique martial art which focuses on perfecting living through exercising, mma, and ninja values. Adults, start with book one. Kids, start with Ninja Training, book one.

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Perfect living Through exercising ninja values

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       Jay began his martial arts training at five-years-old. Raised in Lutz, Fl where he trained in a Tae Kwon Do dojo. At a young age, he took up Ninjutsu by studying the volumes of Stephen K. Hayes and Ashida Kim. Later, his family moved to Nashville, Tennessee where he furthered his studies throughout middle-school under the guidance of his Jujitsu instructor. It was here that he met his first life-long friends in Ninjutsu, and passed along some of his martial arts knowledge to them in exchange for their knowledge in spirituality and focus.
Before starting high school, Jay was shipped to Atlanta, Georgia when his father got a new position and Jay began studying Ninjutsu at the Bujinkan Dojo in Atlanta ... Read On ...